Starting A Green Juice Diet

starting a green juice diet
starting a green juice diet

Steps For Starting A Green Juice Diet

Have you ever questioned if it is possible to drop weight by starting a green juice diet? Not only will a juice diet help rid your body of several toxins, it will also contribute to a healthier, skinnier you. Ask yourself this question. Is it more convenient to go outside and hunt down an animal for food or to come by some fruit and vegetables from the garden? If you are like most people, you would probably find it easier to eat from a garden. Humans that hunt animals should remember that animals feed on fruits and vegetables for a steady supply of nutrients, which then provide energy. Energy, one way or another is derived from the Sun.

We strongly suggest you ease into starting a green juice diet and do not take out all solids from your diet until you are ready to make the commitment. You can even have a 50/50 split of juice to solid food, which is easier for you and much better than focusing 100% on solid foods.


Starting A Green Juice Diet Tips

starting a green juice diet

starting a green juice diet

 1) Purchase A Juicer. Go on a website like Amazon and do some research on juicers. I personally use a Breville juicer, which is priced at just under $100 and has some of the best reviews on the Internet. Make sure that the juicer you are looking to buy is easy to clean

2) Stock Up On Fresh Fruit and Vegetables. If you can find the money to buy organic, go for it! If you are not a millionaire like most of us, non-organic vegetables and fruits will be fine. Gather a healthy mix of colors. Make an attempt to keep the general vegetable color close to green as these contain the most nutrients our bodies crave. You are going to need to add some fresh fruit to your vegetable juices if you want to make them drinkable. Trust me, drinking vegetable juice by itself is harder than you would think and requires a tongue of steel. I usually follow the rule of thumb of one part fruit for every three parts veggie. Apples are the simplest and best tasting way to dilute a vegetable juice.

3) Experiment. Juicing is amazingly fun because of how much you can tweak the flavor of the juice by adding a given veggie or fruit. Keep a diary of the concoctions you come up with and share the best ones with your friends!

4) Watch The Pounds Melt Off! The reasons why starting a green juice diet gets results is because it is organically produced. Throw those extra fat loss pills right in garbage can and get to the grocery store. Try not to forget to shop on the outside of the grocery store where all the vegetables and fruits are to be found and avoid processed goods chock full of preservatives.

5) Exercise. When you add working out to starting a green juice diet you are assisting the release of harmful toxins and assisting the fat loss process significantly. Aim to exercise two to three times per week and make sure to not overdue it. When you become comfortable with working out three times per week, move it up to four to five times a week.

Juicing has been proven and tested time and time again to substantially greatly enhance your health. What have you got to lose but that extra body fat! Give a juice diet a try. You will have much more energy than ever and find yourself trying to convince friends and family to give a juicing a shot. When they see your results, believe me, they will!

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